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Saija hated fighting women.

They never fell for her usual tricks. Likely because seducing a woman took  more than a naked chest flashed their way. Despite this, Saija was in her usual arrangement. Silks, gold and not much else. Dark skin was plentiful beneath the red and orange silks that swayed as she moved. She rattled like a bell when she wanted to. Now, she wanted silence.

This woman was a battle mage. Not Saija’s favorite thing to go against, but that didn’t matter. She’d go down all the same. Saija wasn’t here to kill, simply to keep her occupied. Enough time for others to do their work elsewhere. Some punishment for some student that had screwed up. She didn’t need details. Just coin.  

A boring job, but it paid in good coin and who was she to turn down easy work?

Guarding a wagon was hardly considered a regular chore, but sometimes they had odds and ends thrown out there to mix up the routine. As a result, Fira was watching the creaky old wagon scoot forward, drawn by a old mule that looked like it was about to collapse on itself. She bit back a sigh. This was dreadfully boring. Three steps forward and she caught up to the wagon, moving along beside it slowly.

Pause. Wagon creaks forward. Catch up, move to the front. Wait. Wagon passes. Repeat.

This really was a terrible chore. Probably a punishment for missing curfew. Of course it was. Another sigh and she jogged to catch up to the wagon. “Not even allowed to ride it,” she grumbled, shoving her hair behind her ears. “Couldn’t catch kitchen duty. Of course not.”

“Would dishes really be any better?”

Fira jumped, whirling on the voice. It belonged to the dark skinned woman wearing far too little clothing on top of the wagon. Her skin shone and she smile. She was stretched out on her back, one leg in the air. “Is spending time with me really so awful?” Her voice was a sultry purr, as though the world around her needed to be in her pants. She pouted. Legitimately pouted like a child. Her lower lip quivered as she watched Fira, looking offended that the mage might not want to spend time with her.

“Go away,” Fira commanded and Saija smiled at the tone of her voice.
“Aren’t you a delight? Do people often do what you tell them to?” She purred again, rolling onto her stomach and watching the other woman curiously. “Because I do hate to break with tradition,” she wrinkled her nose. “But I’m afraid I can’t just do that.”

“I’m guarding this wagon under command o-”

“I’m going to stop you, dear. You see, I don’t care. But I’d quite like what’s inside.”

Fire lit up on the woman’s hand and Saija practically wiggled with delight. She slid off the wagon, somersaulting into a standing position. “You know just the right things to say to a woman,” she purred.

This woman did not shut up, did she? Fira slid into a battle stance and called up the fire, balling her hands into fists. The woman was too close too the wagon to trust fire around, so Fira circled, backing up and putting space between her and the wagon. The mule knew where to go and was probably deaf, dumb and blind to boot so there was no worry of it going off the path.

“Too bad. You can’t have it.” she growled, drawing on the fire more and sending it towards the woman as she pulled away from the wagon.

Saija rolled to the side, sending the fireball harmlessly to the side. She clicked her tongue like a mother scolding a child, though she didn’t look any older than Fira did. “Tsk tsk, little girl.” Fira scowled and pulled on the fire again, letting it linger as the woman sauntered closer. “Shouldn’t we at least make introductions? It seems terribly rude, you know…”

The fire shot towards her and she didn’t make it out in time. It burnt… And then ignited. She went up in flame like a pyre, grinning. The sheen on her skin had been oil! Sliding her sabre from her belt, it caught in a similar fashion and Saija spun towards the battlemage, all fire and silk and laughter.

Fira wielded fire. And Saija danced with it. On other terms, they might have gotten along. As it was, there was no room for such things.

Fira took a step back, eyes wide with surprise. But akin to the element she wielded, she rolled with the punches, drawing this time on wind. She sent a gust towards the woman only to feel something slice through her armor. She was quick, wasn’t she? Saija had slid to the side and dropped low, rising up to send her flaming sword through the limited armor Fira wore. And she was laughing all the while.

She was facing a madwoman. That was the only thing that made sense. Who else would laugh when they went up like a torch? Her thoughts were interrupted when a foot collided with her gut, knocking the air from her and sending her backwards. She hit the ground, world spinning.

That scolding sound came again and the flaming woman, now puttering out, stood over her. “Boring,” she announced in a sing-song voice.

Her vision cleared and Fira rocked back and drove her feet into the woman’s pelvis, taking advantage of her monologue to send her flying backwards. Wind lifted her and she sent a gust towards the strange woman, scowling all the while.

“You aren’t going to win here,” Fira moved forward. The woman was hunched on the ground, clutching her sword. Fire rolled around Fira’s hand.

“Unfortunately,” Saija smiled, looking up. “Neither are you.” She flashed a wink and sprung into the air, turning and… Running? So it would seem. She sprinted back to the wagon, dodging the gusts of wind and sparks of fire that followed her. Leaping up like a squirrel, she scrambled onto the back of the still moving wagon and vanished into the trees.

The back of the wagon was open…. But nothing was taken. There was simply blue powder everywhere. A simple, but astute sign that she’d failed to keep an eye on the wagon directly. There was no hiding it. It was all over the place. It'd be impossible to clean up, even if she had the time. It was in every nook and cranny. All it would take was a quick once over to spot it... And she'd probably get yelled at if they did think she'd tried cleaning it out.

“Win the battle, lose the war.” Fira muttered, annoyed. And she still had an hour’s worth of walking to look forward to. Fantastic.

Win the Battle... - Megs 2015 Contest
Written for Megsinkdragon's contest. Not terribly fond of it but it's something!
Cherry Blossom Bird and Tree by DaughterofFenris
Cherry Blossom Bird and Tree
A wire wrapped tree with pink rock chip leaves and a dangling bird charm.

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In the Shadows Necklace by DaughterofFenris
In the Shadows Necklace
Now that I finally got this shipped off and its been received, I can post it! Made for a guildmate in guild's colours (Or close to them) featuring black glitter in a vial and a lock with our symbol, the keyhole.
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I moved back to Washington late last year with the Bear. I've spent my time being unable to find a job and apparently turning crafty. This includes wire wrapping and knitting (though all I've managed to knit thus far is a tube.)

If you are possibly interested in helping me continue being able to eat you can check out my brand spankin' new etsy shot at…

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